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Gifted Is Your Child

A parent introduction to gifted education in Florida:

Tips for parenting gifted girls:


Tips for parenting gifted boys:


Parenting gifted students:


48 essential links for parents of gifted students:

Dealing with underachievement:


Friendships in children of different intellectual levels:


Parental emotion coaching:


Parenting emotionally intense children:


Depression in gifted individuals:



Time management strategies:


Test taking strategies:


Tips for taming test anxiety:

Programs and scholarships for gifted students:


College planning:


Tips for parent teacher conferences:

National Association for gifted students resources for parents:


Answers to questions about accelerating your child:


Hoagie’s gifted page:


Procedural safeguards for gifted students:

We encourage parents to seek additional resources to better understand and support the unique needs of gifted children. Know that we are here to help!

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