Pirates Take Over Kelley Smith

Pirates Promote Book Fair at KSES
Posted on 11/03/2016

Pirates took over Kelley Smith Elementary School during the school’s Scholastic Book Fair.

“To help promote our book fair, our Kelley Smith ‘Seadog Teachers’ kept their students in shipshape condition as they participated in many pirate activities,” said Suzanne Buckles, media specialist.

One activity was, “What is Your Pirate Name,” in which students used the initials of their first and last names to determine what their name would be if they were a pirate.

Other activities included “What are you Reading?” “Lollipop Loot,” and “Dress like a Pirate Day.”

“In addition to the daily heave ho, families were invited out for family night,” Buckles said. “This gave students and their families the opportunity to shop for books together, visit the pirate photo booth, and participate in a contest of ‘Guessing How Much Pirate's Gold’ there was.”

Hermiley Pitts won the contest. She received a treasure box full of books and treats.