Schools to Recognize Dads

Sept. 28 is Dads Take Your Child to School Day
Posted on 09/13/2016

Putnam County district schools will be participating in Dads Take Your Child to School Day Sept. 28.

The purpose of the day is to highlight the significant difference fathers and father figures can make by taking an active role in their children’s educational experience.

“When children have a strong male role model in their lives, they perform better academically, have fewer discipline problems, and become more responsible adults,” said Phyllis Criswell, superintendent of Putnam County Schools.

Fathers are encouraged to take their children to school the morning of September 28 and then stay for special activities, including signing a pledge to stay active in their child’s education.

All father figures are invited, including stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, foster fathers and other significant male role models.

 Although the event is centered on fathers, mothers and other family members are also welcome to participate in the event.

“We also encourage businesses and organizations in our area to allow their employees to participate the morning of Sept. 28,” Criswell said.

Parents should contact their children’s school to see what specific activities the school has planned for the day.