Flu Shots

Approval of Walgreens Pharmacy to Administer On-Site Flu Shots

The board approved Walgreens Pharmacy to offer and administer on-site flu shots for Putnam County School District employees who have the District’s BCBS insurance coverage.  Andrew Wiese (386-328-6787) with Walgreens will be contacting each school and building site to set up a day and time to administer the vaccination.
Blue Cross Blue Shield members and their covered dependents will receive 100% coverage for flu vaccinations offered at pharmacies beginning September 1, 2013.  This benefit is covered under the pharmacy benefit.  In order to better serve our employees, Walgreen has agreed to send a pharmacist to administer the shot to each school and building site (Transportation, Maintenance, Purchasing, Campbell Building, and Federal Programs) at no cost to the employee or the District.  If an employee should miss Walgreen coming to their site, they can still receive a free flu shot at any local participating pharmacy.  Minute Clinics and walk in clinics are excluded as they file under medical benefits.
If you have any questions, please feel free to give Tammy Collins a call at 386-329-0661.
Thank you in advance for allowing Walgreen to come on-site and offer this valuable service to our employees.