Reading Endorsement Information

List of courses and options on where to take the courses.

Reading Course Titles

Instructional Foundations of Language and Reading

Competency 1

Applications of Research-Based Practices

Competency 2

Foundations of Assessment for Teachers and Principals

Competency 3

Foundations and Applications of Differentiated Instruction

Competency 4

Demonstration of Accomplished Practices in Reading

Competency 5


The titles for the Reading Endorsement courses changed last year.  If you started taking courses prior to this change please call me and I'll assist you in choosing the remaining course requirements.  The courses may be taken through either NEFEC or the Schultz Center.  CE Credits Online offers Competency 5 so please call me when you need this competency and I'll give you the information.  The Curriculum and Instruction Department will reimburse teachers upon completion of the course.  Please send or email your certificate of completion, as well as a receipt of payment to Karen Hager in the Curriculum and Instruction Department.

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