Inservice Questions, Answers and Information

Title II Part A funds from this Federal Program are utilized to train and recruit teachers and principals.  Title VI Part B funds are used to support student achievement in rural and low income areas.


How do I get inservice points?

By participating in inservice training workshop or online trainings that are a part of the District's Master Inservice Plan AND completing implementation.

How many points do I get for a workshop?

You will get one point for each hour of training.  In other words, 1 hour = 1 point.  However, you MUST complete at least 1 implementation hour to receive credit.  Remember, implementation hours mean just that, how you implemented the knowledge you attained at the workshop in your classroom. The number of implementation hours my NOT exceed the number of inservice participation points. 

How many points are needed to extend a certificate?

State of Florida teaching certificates can be renewed with inservice credit, college credit or a combination of both.  A three hour course is worth 60 points.  Teachers who wish to have their teaching certificate renewed must earn at least 120 points during their current validity period.  Included in the 120 points must be 20 ESE points as stated in SB 1108.

How do I know how many points I have?

You can view your inservice by logging in to the Putnam Schools webpage and under Quicklinks you'll find a link to Skyward.

If I taught in another county in the State of Florida and earned inservice points, do I lose them when I move to Putnam County?

No.  You notify the Professional Development Department in the county in which you taught and they'll transfer you points to Putnam County.  Have the information sent to:  Putnam County School District, Curriculum and Instruction Department, Attn: Wendy Hancock, 200 Reid Street, Palatka, FL   32177.

What if I move away from Putnam County?

Contact the Curriculum and Instruction Department at 329-0646.  Your points will be sent directly to the school district to which you are transferring.