ESOL Information

List of courses as well as a chart with number of ESOL required points for the course you teach.

Category I

Category II

Category III

Category IV

Primary Language Arts/

English Teacher

Social Studies,

Science &

Computer Literacy

All other subjects not

included in Categories

I or II

School Administrators

& Guidance Counselors

ESOL Endorsement - 300 points

60 ESOL points

18 ESOL points

60 ESOL Points

Applied Linguistics

ESOL Basic 60

ESOL Basic 18

ESOL for Administrators

Methods of Teaching ESOL

ESOL for Guidance Counselors

Curriculum & Materials

Testing & Evaluation

Cross Cultural Communications


 The chart above dictates how many ESOL points you need for the subject you teach, as well as gives you the course title for ESOL trainings.

All Intensive Reading, English and Language Arts Teacher (Category I) who do not have their ESOL endorsement must begin working on it this year and continue to take one course per year until completion of the endorsement is achieved.  All other teachers (Category II) are encouraged to complete their requirement this year. 

ESOL courses may be taken through NEFEC or the Schultz Center.  They are all online courses that you will have to pay for, to be reimbursed TWO courses per year by the Curriculum and Instruction Department.  Upon completion of the course send or email Wendy Hancock in the Curriculum and Instruction Department your certificate of completion as well as a receipt of payment.  The reimbursement process will begin upon receipt. 

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