Posted RFP's

Date Posted 4-1-19: RFP 540312002 HVAC Services

Date Posted 4-1-19: RFP 540312001 Operation of Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants
Sludge hauling is done as needed. How it goes now is during the annual lift station pump outs, we ask the current vendor if any tanks need to have the sludge pumped out. The District pays for the removal. 

Can you please confirm that there are only two water treatment plants that are currently being operated which are Ochwilla Elementary and Q.I. Roberts Middle Schools?  

 There are only the two water treatment plants: Ochwilla and QI Roberts.

Date Posted 4-1-19: RFP 540321000 Provide LP Gas

Date Posted 2-25-19: RFP 540071916 MANUFACTURER'S DISCOUNT