Posted RFP's

Posted Date 2-7-18: RFP 540091901 Network Equipment 2
 * Question: Will you accept partial bids?
 * Answer: We will evaluate any bids that are submitted and make a determination based on evaluation criteria.
 * Question: For this RFP is the county willing to have the vendor manage the routers or is this going to be a drop ship solution.
 * Answer: We are not seeking a managed network solutions or installation for RFP 540091901 NETWORK EQUIPMENT 2
 * ​Question​: Are you seeing SmartNet for your Cisco switches?
 * Answer: No we are not seeing SmartNet for our Cisco switches.
 * Question: Do you already have Meraki in place and are you looking for any (Equivalent) to be integrated with the existing Meraki system?
 * Answer: The Putnam County School District has standardized on Cisco Meraki APs, but will evaluate any bids containing the equivalent equipment.