Community Service

 Community Service Document
 Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Community Service Requirements
Florida Academic  100 hours
Florida Medallion   75 hours
Florida Gold Seal   30 hours
  Tutors needed at each high school.  
Contact your Guidance Department to see how you can help fellow students.
 Their Lives Our Voices Rescue
 "Their Lives Our Voices" is collecting food, blankets, towels, detergents, dog treats, dog toys, dog collar, etc for a dog rescue.  The Rescue has approximately 40 adult dogs and 20 puppies. They rescue from local animal control as well as strays, abused, neglected, and unwanted dogs.  The Rescue is in need of donations.  All dogs are up for adoption and can be seen at Pet Supermarket on Saturday's and Sunday's in St Augustine.  Any donation will be appreciated.  Please donate so they can keep rescuing. Visit for more information.

Donations may be left with Ms Cauble in Guidance at PHS on Mon and Tues, IHS on Wed, and CCJSHS on Thurs or Fri.  Please donate to help save an animals life.

 Need help with animals that are looking for a "Furever" home. Could your family be a "FOSTER" for a pet in need?
 See Ms. Cauble for details.
NF Putnam Community Medical Center
Volunteer Packet Information
The hospital offers summer programs for students to volunteer and work over the summer to help the employees and patients. Students will be working side by side with an adult to learn basics of hospital management and care.  Look under Links for the Summer Volunteer packet. 
 Palatka Health Care Center Volunteers Needed
Palatka Health Care Center is looking for Volunteers to help out during the summer hours to assist in helping the residents during social activities and special events being held at the Center over the summer.
Students that volunteer over the summer may find they would enjoy helping throughout the school year to earn the community service hours for Bright Futures or gain experience working with older adults.
See Ms. Cauble if interested or go to Palatka Health Care to pick up and complete a Volunteer packet.