Home Education Registration PDF
 Registration for Home School in lieu of Intent to Homeschool

Termination Form PDF
Termination form in PDF format

Intent to Withdraw Form
Intent to withdraw should be used for students over the age of 16 along with the termination form if student is not transferring to another school or educational program

FLVS Options
FLVS Options as a Home Schooler or Public School Student

Evaluation Packet
Evaluation Forms, Options, and Information

Links for Home Education
Links to provide information & support for home schoolers

Portfolio Reviews
Instructions on reviews and how to achieve compliancy

Community Service Hours Log
Log for documenting community service hours

Compiling a Compliant Portfolio
Tips for compiling a compliant portfolio

FLVS Log Sheet
Log for students using FLVS

Forms for documentation
Portfolio forms

Information Brochures
DOE and PCSD Brochures

Ready to Home School?
Instructions before enrolling