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Resources for teachers to differentiate instruction for advanced students:

Using flexible pacing:

Using tiered assignments:

Engaging students in mathematical discourse:

Using choice boards:

Using Socratic Seminar:

Using role play:

Using simulations:

Using independent study:

Using an inquiry-based model:

Using reciprocal teaching:

Using cooperative learning:

Using the Maker Model to differentiate process, content, or product:

Videos on Differentiation posted by the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia:

Video on the importance of enrichment for gifted students:

National Association for Gifted Children position paper:

Differentiation strategies recommended by the North Carolina Department of Education:

Curriculum compacting for advanced learners based upon Renzulli research:

Ideas on differentiating math and science:

Promoting creativity in the classroom:


Brainstorming to generate radical, creative ideas:


Mindset diagram based on the work of Dweck:


Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences:

Adapting Instruction to Multiple Intelligences:

Rubric for conceptual thinking complexity and content depth:

Advice from Johns Hopkins University School of Education on planning for cultural differences:

Survival guide for teachers of gifted students/General ideas for gifted lessons:

Explicitly teaching thinking skills:


Templeton National Report on Acceleration: A Nation Deceived


On the importance of social competence:


Interest inventories:


Developing leadership in students:


Career exploration activities:


Duke Tip Enrichment Activities:


Article on gifted girls:


Effects of Poverty:


Gifted underachievement:

Signs of learning disabilities:


Structures to deal with emotional intelligence:


Addressing students with intense emotions:


On depression and gifted adolescents:


Incorporating systematic risk taking to counteract perfectionism:


Helping students deal with stress:


Advocating for high ability learners:


RTI for gifted students:[email protected]

Diversity characteristics of gifted students:

Promoting equity:

Continuation of services template:

Writing EPs for gifted students:


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