James A. Long Rocks

Palatka Rocks With James A. Long
Posted on 04/24/2017
More than 200 James A. Long students and family members participated in the school’s “Palatka Rocks” activity at the Palatka riverfront April 7. Students and families hid more than 600 rocks throughout the area. The students painted the rocks in art classes in the days leading up to the event. Participants also enjoyed music, a scavenger hunt, and Kona Ice that was available for purchase. The Palatka Rocks activity has taken the town by storm. Rocks are painted by individuals and placed throughout the community for others to find and enjoy. The person who finds the painted rocks are encouraged to either hide them again for others to find or create new ones to hide. Facebook page titled Palatka Rocks has been created so people can share their experiences and treasures from rock hunts.