Occupational/Physical Therapy Services

Educationally relevant therapy According to federal law and state rules, occupational and physical therapy (OT and PT) are related services in exceptional student education. Related services are designed to enable a student with a disability to benefit from a free appropriate public education as described in the student's IEP. When should a student be evaluated for educationally relevant therapy? When the student study team/IEP team determines that classroom interventions have not been successful in meeting the student's motor and/or sensory needs and the student requires further assistance to participate in the curriculum. What is the role of school therapists? The role is to support exceptional education students, teachers and staff in meeting IEP goals in order to achieve a free appropriate public education. The therapist will: Collaborate with staff/parents to develop a plan that meets the student's needs. Work with staff and families on ways to integrate activities, methods and/or adaptations into the student's daily activities. As a related service, how can physical or occupational therapy help the student? Physical and occupational therapy services may include but are not limited to:

  • Consultation/collaboration with other team members 
  • Functional mobility 
  • Use of assistive and adaptive devices 
  • Use of classroom equipment Transfer and positioning techniques 
  • Performance of school related self-care activities
  • Determination of efficient methods to use learning materials
  • Therapist led activities to facilitate sensory and motor development 

When does a student no longer need occupational and/or physical therapy as related services? The student no longer requires therapy when the needs being supported by those related services have been met. If additional needs arise at a later date, a referral for services can be generated

Florida Statutes

State of Florida-Occupational Therapy Statutes

State of Florida-Physical Therapy Statutes

School  OT Name  PT Name
 Browning-Pearce Elem School   April Sheltz Tracy Cribbs
 E.H. Miller Center School  Lisa Corey  Tracy Cribbs
   April Sheltz  Tina Heydenburg
 Kelley Smith Elem. School  Jennia Sarnowski Tina Heydenburg
 Interlachen Elem. School  Lisa Corey Tina Heydenburg 
James A. Long Elem School April Sheltz  Tracy Cribbs
Mellon Elem School   Tina Heydenburg 
Melrose Elem. School    Tina Heydenburg
Middleton-Burney Elem. School  April Sheltz  Tracy Cribbs
 Mosley Elem School    Tina Heydenburg
Ochwilla Elem. School    Tina Heydenburg
C.L. Overturf 6th grade  Center  Jennia Sarnowski  Tracy Cribbs
 Jenkins Middle School    Tracy Cribbs
 Miller Middle School  April Sheltz Tracy Cribbs 
 Price Middle School    Tracy Cribbs
Crescent City High School  April Sheltz  Tracy Cribbs
Interlachen High School   Tina Heydenburg 
Palatka High School    Tracy Cribbs
 Childrens Reading Center Charter  Jennia Sarnowski  Tracy Cribbs
 Edge Charter    Tracy Cribbs
 PAAS Charter   Tracy Cribbs